1. An applicant must hold a Ph.D., M.D. or equivalent degree and have a faculty position or the equivalent at a college, university, medical school or other research facility.
  2. An applicant must have an adequate funding to carry out the proposed research.

Please fill out all fields below. You will also need to upload your Investigator NIH Biosketch with this application.

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You will receive confirmation of your application from requests@autismbrainnet.org.

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Proposal Information

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Tissue Information

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Please provide the estimated cost for the proposed work, and the following funding information: Agency, grant number (if available), PI/CoPI, Title, Abstract, duration and amounts. You need to have funding to proceed with the application.

Please email requests@autismbrainnet.org if you have any questions/comments about funding (e.g. funding pending) and/or would like to apply for funding using Autism BrainNet tissues and need a letter of support.


Please keep this short and related to your research project not to the topic of autism spectrum disorder. Why is the question that you are studying is of interest and importance at this time?

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Please provide any data that strengthens the hypothesis or validates the experimental methods proposed.

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Please describe the brain tissue that you are requesting in sufficient detail that the Autism BrainNet team will be able to determine whether the requested tissue is currently available. Please include the reasoning/justification for the requested tissue regions and amounts requested.

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Please provide a fairly detailed summary of the methods that you plan to employ in studying the requested tissue. It is critical that you provide evidence that you have adequate experience carrying out the proposed research on human tissue. It may be necessary for Autism BrainNet to provide tissue in which you can carry out pilot studies to insure feasibility of the proposed research.

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What are your hypotheses in these projects and what are you expecting to observe in the proposed studies? How will this research advance an understanding of autism spectrum disorder?

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The Scientific Review Committee has been provided with a number of criteria with which to judge your application. PLEASE INSURE THAT EACH OF THESE TOPICS IS ADDRESSED IN YOUR APPLICATION. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY LEAD TO THE RETURN OF YOUR APPLICATION FOR REVISION. The criteria include:


How important is this proposed study?

Scientific relevance:

Does the project improve our understanding of brain function that is relevant to achieving a deeper and more complete scientific understanding of autism spectrum disorder and/or contribute to the development of interventions? Does it enhance the prospects of informing future treatment applications or significantly adding to our knowledge of the neuropathology of the ASD brain?


Does the study propose to answer a novel question? Does the study propose to replicate an already published study? If so, does it propose a new methodology? Is the study a replication of a previous study, but using a different brain region?

Methods and rigor:

Is the project proposed well designed? Are the key components of the sample, methods, and statistical analysis appropriate? Is the study adequately powered to lead to statistically significant results? Are the methods appropriate given the current technology developments? Are there appropriate control brains or tissues either from Autism BrainNet or some other source?

Rationale for tissue selection:

Are there any other ways of answering the questions in the proposal that do not require the use of this precious resource? Is the tissue choice (type, region) adequately discussed and justified for the proposed study? Are there important brain areas missing or are inappropriate brain areas included? Will the amount of tissue requested be sufficient to complete this project?


Has the researcher provided enough preliminary data toward the feasibility of the study? Do you recommend the use of different tissue (e.g. brains from relatives of ASD subjects) to establish feasibility, before re-considering this tissue application?

PI and resources:

Do the investigators have the expertise to conduct the proposed research? Have the necessary collaborations been established and documented with letters of agreement? Is the lab(s) ready and capable to do the work proposed in terms of institutional support, physical resources, and clinical and intellectual resources?

Adequate funding and other resources:

Investigators must demonstrate that funding is available to carry out the proposed research before any tissue could be provided. Is there funding in place or pending? Are there concerns regarding financial or resource support for this project?

You will receive confirmation of your application from requests@autismbrainnet.org. Complete applications will be reviewed by the Autism BrainNet Scientific Review Committee (SRC). If approved, investigators will be asked to have their institution's signing official submit the Autism BrainNet Researcher Distribution Agreement (RDA) before tissue is distributed. A copy of the RDA can be downloaded here.