1. An applicant must hold a Ph.D., M.D. or equivalent degree and have a faculty position or the equivalent at a college, university, medical school or other research facility.
  2. An applicant must have an adequate funding to carry out the proposed research.

Only applications that have demonstrated feasibility of the proposed assay using human post-mortem brain tissue will be considered for scientific review.

Please Note
It is not currently possible to save your work in the midst of developing a tissue application. If you close the browser window, your work will be lost. So, we recommend that you prepare a document (such as in MS Word) with the following sections so that you can cut and paste them into the appropriate boxes in the application.

Abstract (< 250 words)


  • Introduction (<500 words)
  • Preliminary Data (<500 words)
  • Tissue Needed (<500 words)
  • Methodology (<500 words)
  • Expected Results (<500 words)

Do you have preliminary data that demonstrates feasibility using human post-mortem brain tissue?

If the answer is Yes, please proceed with the complete request form.
If the answer is No, please proceed with the test tissue request form - Test tissue will be provided from a non-autism case.

Please email if you have any questions.